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Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Show and Tell

The past two posts have been on stamp carving and printing on fabric.  When these talented ladies got together there was also show and tell.  I'm finally getting around to posting what these ladies have been up to!

First off, as most of my readers (as well as Kay's readers), know that Kay has been quite busy the past year getting ready for her quilt exhibit (you can read about that here and on Kay's blog).  There is another project that Kay has been working on but I can't share here!  BUT we will be sharing it on her blog and then I'll share on my blog!  Hope your interest is peaked!!!

Here's some wonderful show and tell....In alphabetic order.....Beth is up first!  Beth is now a full time Floridian!  She was spending summers in Michigan but no longer!
Stencils and alcohol inks

Stencils and alcohol inks

Purse/wallet Beth is going to make

Cork fabric in colors that will be used in the wallet/purse

Beth makes the best dolls!!!

Look at the detail in her face!!! Adorable!
Kay had a FaceBook challenge to color one of her Mandela dyed fabrics that she converted to b/w.  Bonnie and Beth each colored one and gave them to Kay for 'judging'!


I'll be posting on some of Beth's other work in the next week!

Until then.....

Next up is Bonnie.  I mentioned before that Bonnie is here visiting from Michigan and is staying with Beth.  They are having a ball attending quilt shows and playing!!!

This is a shibori piece Bonnie made.  She fused the center shibori petals so it looks 2d...nicely done!

Check out this hex quilt Bonnie is making!!  First off, I love the color combo!!!  And her hex design is fabulous!!!  How cool!!!
While back in Michigan, Bonnie said she was inspired by Kay's ice dyeing so she decided to play.  She made each of us a fiber card using her ice dyed fabric!!  How cool are these!
She made them two sided!  Hence, the six pictures....

Nancy is another full timer here in Florida and has a wonderful area that she allows us to make a mess in!!!  Nancy also does beautiful, machine embroidery work.  I heard it took her quite sometime to create this beauty!
 I've enlarged this picture so you can see all the detail embroidery Nancy stitched.  It's a beautiful piece and was on display at the large quilt show just held at the Villages (it was also 'held' for further judging too!).   Just a beautiful quilt!

And just my little squirrel and dog!

 Although Gigi loved Nancy!!   Nancy's husband was told he was replaced! Gigi actually curled up next to Nancy and slept!
I am lucky to surround myself with so much talent!  And have fun besides!!


  1. There is no end to the fiber fun!! Wonderful pieces. And those dolls- wow. Your squirrel is progressing- it looks well on the way to completion now.

  2. It's always fun to see what you and your friends have been up to. The cool thing to me is that you all get together and no one is doing the same thing.
    xx, Carol

  3. You gals are on a roll… nice that you have found a rhythm with your newly formed group!!

  4. Robbie you and your group of ladies are all uber talented. I love seeing so many amazing Works of HeArt. You definitely know how to spend your days dear. Serene Sunday...

  5. Such beautiful work to share...what a telented group....and I love your squirrel...He will be a Masterpiece.