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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Getting ready for another week!

The weather is going to start getting warmer...for me it's been perfect (50-60's) but guess not if you're a golfer!  Lots of wind and this is the least amount of sun we've seen since coming to Florida 11 years ago.  But of course the weather doesn't stop me!

Peggy and I headed to Michael's as there was a 40% discount on artist supplies plus we each had another 20% on our total purchase (sale and regular items!).  We each picked up some Liquitex paints for 60% off and some photo boxes, which ended up costing under $2!  I did need to stop at the bead shop (no surprise there, right!) on the way home and found these beads which will be perfect for the Cactus Wren's cactus he'll be sitting on!
Speaking of Cactus Wren....I'm making progress but it sure is slow...and I'm getting bored working in browns!  I'm going to switch to his belly area since it's a pale yellow/peach...that should be a nice change!  Let's hope...

So last Thursday 3 couples in the 'gang' headed to see The Jersey Boys perform.. one couple (actually Patricia) wasn't feeling well as she came down with the nasty cold) and the other three of us headed off to Longhorn's for a great dinner and a fun night!  Nothing better to share time and laughter with friends!!

I had another picture of Bob and I that wasn't blurry but he liked this one of

Bob and John

Larry & his room mate Jan!

Yep, Larry sat between two women!  Go figure!  Marilyn had to pose with Larry too!

So this will be another busy week...Monday Bob and I are dropping Kalee of for a grooming appointment; then we are headed to breakfast out!; then some shopping; home for Bob to start taxes (thank goodness for Internet!).  Tuesday I'm meeting up with Kay and Nancy at Eaton Beach for lunch....Wed. is 99cent margarita night with friends then the Art Fair in Gainesville this weekend!   And in between I need to bead!  I'm tired already!

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Nancy said...

We saw Jersey Boys on Saturday. Really enjoyed the music. You are making progress on the wren- looking good. Great sale at Michael's, which I missed. You've got another busy week ahead!