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Monday, March 16, 2015

Look what I won!

I am so excited!  Look what arrived in the mail this week!!!  WooHoo!!! I won this on Cheryl Sleboda's blog a few weeks ago and it's a really cool book!!  I know there are lots of books out there on printing on fabric but you have to see  some of  the items Julie prints with!  You can a few of the inside pages on Cheryl's blog post  here.

I 'found' Cheryl through Lynn's blog and started following her "technique of the week".  Cheryl is quite busy being a fiber artist and maintaining a blog, FaceBook page, DVD's, appearing on QATV and has her own video's which are on YouTube!   She is so much fun to watch and to learn from and has some unique ideas!  Thanks so much Cheryl!  Now to raid the frig so I can print on fabric!  You have to get/read the book to understand why you'll need to raid the frig!


  1. Oh dear how fun for you. Raiding the frig in order to print on fabric sounds exactly like something my Grandma would do...all for the sake of crafting! Congratulations...

  2. Congratulations! Keep us posted on your experiments from the book!

  3. I saw the reviews of this book- you are going to have some wonderful fun!!

  4. congratulations!! I think this is right up your Did that phrase date me?
    xx, Carol


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