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Friday, March 20, 2015

The gangs all here!

Yep, here they from last night's dinner at Blanca's, the restaurant here in Ocala Palms...great food too!
Yes, that's my hubby smiling!

Jan and Larry

John and Marilyn

Patrick and Patricia

Harv and Susan

Ron and Verna

Jan and Mac - who are currently in Australia!!
They are all a great bunch of folks!   And so much fun to be with...speaking of fun....Tuesday Marcia, Peggy and I are headed off to Cedar Key for the day!  I haven't been there in several's just a neat little town with shops and food and a great place to walk around!  Weather should be perfect and Marcia and Peg are fun to be around...BUT...I do need to start staying home at some point and finish some projects!  I did some stitching and beading yesterday...making progress....
This is a picture from a few days ago...I've now finished the hand stitching on the cactus and have one foot beaded and started on the other foot.  Should be able to stitch the bird on and put the facing on Sunday!  Yes, I plan on staying home all day Sunday.  But Bob and I are taking off on Monday.....soooooooooo

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  1. All these wonderful smiles show just how much you all are enjoying your time together. Living the Dream...


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