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Monday, March 2, 2015


Who knew there's such a thing as 'unbeading'?  Well, this gal sure knows that even in bead embroidery there are times things just don't look right!  Although, it's a lot easier to "unbead" then to be painting with the heck do you "unpaint"?!

So this is my little (hmmmmmm) bird when I picked it up today to bead, I didn't like the way the beads were, what's a gal to do but "unbead".

So out came my little seam ripper and beads were removed...LOTS of beads...

And this is what I beaded this afternoon...I like the flow of the beads much better! I still might remove some of the white beads on his 'bottom' but the drawing did show white there....hmmmmmm

This isn't the first bead embroidery project that I've removed beads on.  You just kinda have to go with the flow and see what you like...I actually was debating starting totally over on this piece!  Reason being.....I was mixing both 11 & 15 seed and Delica beads and wasn't sue the look was what I wanted.  But thanks to my 'mentor', the fab Mary Stori!, she encouraged me to not remove the beads!  Whew!  Especially since I had to remove so many to get this far today!  Thanks, Mary!

Bob and I had a great breakfast out this a.m.  We always get the 'grandma's special' at Cracker Barrel which has their famous pecan pancakes!  And I have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!  Actually, we haven't had breakfast out in 2 years so it was a nice change!  Another beautiful day today...temp is 80 right now and the air is on!


  1. Your praise is too kind...... I agree though....that small section flows better now.

    So while you've been unbeading....I've been unstitching. Spent several hours stitching 2 pine needle sections on my current project.....then spent an hour + removing them. MY RE-DO of these blocks will be by hand!!!

  2. Unbeading- not fun! but you need to be happy with how it looks in the long run. Do you knot off fairly frequently in order to isolate a section so that you can unbead if you have to? Or how to you start and stop unbeading is what I'm asking I guess. What happens to the beads next door to the unbeaded section?

  3. Gosh, Nancy asked a good question. I'm interested in the answer too. I figure if I do some bead "embeadery," I'll definitely have to do some unbeading!

    The original picture of the bird and the latest picture of the bird didn't look all that different to me until I looked at the closeup. The latest picture really does have a better flow. Nice job! (I got my ne "embeadery" book yesterday. Looks great.)


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