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Monday, March 23, 2015

Start of another busy week!

No walk for Kalee yet...we're have rain on and off today...not heavy but well needed.  It works out, because Bob took today off from golf so we're headed out later this afternoon to have some Freezer food!  Love that place!!!

I've finished my 'bird' but it won't post until the end of the month - it's part of the Art Quilts Around the World challenge....and will be doing double duty at the Sewing Seminar in May back in Michigan.

I am excited about starting some other projects that have been on the back burner....

I need quite a few more hexes for this piece....

And these will be part of a patchwork background with lots of hand stitching!

I'll be kept busy....something new for me!


  1. The patchwork horse on the hexes has so much impact......looking good girlfriend!

  2. We need a rainy day now and then just to stop and take stock! Horse is looking good. Send me your phone number if you get a chance- would like to visit the antique mall down near you someday and maybe we could meet up there?


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