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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Polly want a cracker?

No, we didn't take Gracie anywhere to have a cracker....but Bob and I did end up at Cracker's in Crystal River with Jan and Larry yesterday!  What a fun afternoon!  But then you don't expect to have a bad time with this great couple!!

It was a beautiful afternoon to eat outside but all the tables were full so we ended up eating in. You still felt like you were eating out with all the windows surrounding the entire dining area.  Such a nice view!  And the food was great...Larry had us start off with sharing a Nacho!  OMG!  The Nacho would have been enough dinner for us but, no, we each had a grouper fish sandwich, which was awesome...and I didn't take pics...go figure!

Of course, after dinner, our tour director, aka Larry,  had us drive around to see some of the sights and we ended up here!!!

I honestly don't think I need to say speak for themselves as to where we went shopping!  Just follow the chicken scratches!

 Larry being Larry!!

No, we didn't bring any home...and there were no peeps left...thank goodness or else we might have!!  NOT!
Of course, taking a trip with Jan and Larry always involves stopping at the local Dairy Queen!  Again, no pics of the food.  Bob & I each a mini blizzard!  The smallest one they have...good enough reason to me!
And the nest in front of the Dairy Queen was still there with its resident(s)...hard to see but he (or she!) was there!  What do you mean you can't see the bird's head!!  Click and enlarge...ok, so it's me...they were there!

So just another beautiful day in the neighborhood today!!  I'm actually going to start on the cactus for my bird!  Here's hoping I can take what's in my head and put to fabric!  Although, after our meal yesterday I should be walking around the community about 10 times!


  1. I always get a happy feeling when you share what a great time you have with your friends and exploring. Larry is quite the fun host by this photo of him. Living the Dream...

  2. Weather has certainly been glorious, and was for your tour. Fun.


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