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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week almost over!

YIKES!  Where did the week go and what do I have to show!  Nothing!!  Well, maybe a big belly from eating out!!!  We were out for dinner on Monday and Tuesday, Marcia and I headed over to Cedar Key for the afternoon.  We had a great fish sandwich at Steamers Clam Bar and Grill right one the water. Fun to just walk around the afternoon and visit some of the art stores.  Interesting art and actually very, very good prices!  No, I didn't buy anything but I was tempted on more than one occasion.

Sad to say this is the only picture I took at Cedar Key.  It is a mural painted on one of the buildings.  I have to laugh, as the last time I was at Cedar Key was over 6 or 7 years ago.  It seems like time stood still and the town and stores are the same!  But it was still a fun day.

Last night we had another great meal, this time we ate at Carmine's!!  It was a fun night with two other couples.  Dan and Sally have just purchased a home here in Ocala Palms and are a fun couple to be with.  We were joined by Gary and Marcia (my tooting around bud) as well.  A lot of laughs and of course good food!

Tonight the 'gang' are meeting up at The MoJo Grill at Ocala National.  Some of the folks have been there before and some of us are newbies to this restaurant.  Should be another fun night but then it's cooking at home for a few days!!!!  And a lot more walking!!!

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  1. Cedar Key is so quaint and lovely. I took the same mural photo and it was on my blog around Christmas time! I sent you a couple of possible times to meet up- see what you think. Your time is just flying by!


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