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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Belated St. Pat's Day!

We had a great St. Patrick's Day yesterday!!  Everyone decked out in our finest 'greeen' and my Q Bud, Susan, was dressed in green down to her toes!!

But the best part was enjoying every one's company!  Just a wonderful group we are so blessed to be included in!!  Thank you one and all!

Our host and hostess were Verna and Ron and, as always, they outdid themselves!

  Verna is a great cook and her attention to details is amazing.  Check out her fruit kabobs!  Aren't they adorable!  A rainbow and good for you!!!

And we each were given home made shortbread cookies to take home along with a St. Patrick's Day card written in calligraphy by Verna!!  OK, and we also got leftovers!!

Oh, earlier in the afternoon Jan went over to help Verna so I wanted to make sure they didn't drink all the margarita' I busted in too!  Actually, Verna only gave us a small shot glass to try the mix...just to make sure it was delicious!  Which it was!  Of course, Verna makes her own margarita mix!!

Larry still being Larry!

Marilyn and Jan

Bob, Patrick and Harvey...just some guy talk!

Yep, our host is always waving!  Or is/was he cheering for Kentucky!

Tonight it's out to dinner at Harry's with Marcia and her hubby, Gary...Bob and I have been hungry for a dinner at Harry's...yum...and yes, I will be cooking the rest of the week...well, after Thursday night, as that is our normal Thursday night meal with the 'gang'!  We'll be together twice this week!!  Woohoo!

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