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Thursday, January 1, 2015

We're here!

Yep, we made it here on Monday, early afternoon...finished unpacking, grocery shopping, etc. by 7 at night.  It actually is easier and easier each year...guess we are just good at this 'snow bird' stuff after 11 years!!
Of course, it was out to dinner on Tuesday with some of the 'gang'!  We ate at the club house, Blanca's, which I really enjoy.   Of course, Wednesday, we went with Howard and Karah to our favorite Mexican Restaurant and yes, we had our 99 cent margarita's!  YUM!!!!  Dinner, drinks and conversation was great!
Today, was another outing at the annual New Year's Day get-together at Marilyn and John's!  They are such a great couple and Marilyn is a great cook!  John is one of the happiest guys around...just a hoot!  I adore these two!

This is my Quilting bud, Susan and and her hubby, Harvey.  I have blogged about Susan and her prize winning quilts.  Workmanship is outstanding as are her designs.  Love her work and her friendship.

And these are our wonderful landlord(s) Jan and Larry.  Just the most fun and best couple around.  They laugh continually!  And if you're around them you will laugh along with them!

Well, who are these two!!!

I'm having trouble setting pics in this post...anyway, this is Jan and Mac!  Jan is a fellow knitter and they are also Michiganders!!  She's been busy knitting baby blankets for grand babies!  I'm looking forward to having a girls day out with Jan and some of the other ladies.  Mac is another one of those dry sense of humor types...yes, this group laughs a lot!
I didn't get to take pics of the other couples...sorry!  I was too busy eating or helping clean up...I also wanted to get a picture of all the men folk sitting around the TV after the time I thought of it they were gone!  Only a few of them were left lounging!

There were 20 of us getting to eat tons of food and enjoy each others company.  Marilyn's food theme was 'comfort food' and that we certainly had!!  Ham, meat balls, Ruben sandwiches, scalloped potatoes, corn casserole, jello salads, mac and cheese!  And much, much more!!!!  Tons of food as  I said and I didn't even list the desserts!!!  Yes, Kalee and I took a mile walk when we got home...well, after her golf cart ride!

So, tomorrow, my bud Carol and I are taking off to do some shopping.  I'm always forgetting something at the store plus I need to get some treats for Kalee and Grace along with other errands.  I'm sure we'll stop for a nice lunch somewhere too!  Just a girls day out!
Weather is beautiful!!  Well, my kind of the 60s so Kalee and I had two 1 mile walks today. Yea, that's our winter...eating, drinking, walking, shopping...enjoying the good life we worked so hard for 35+ years!  Oh, I forget golfing too!!  Well, for one of us anyway!  I am very lucky!!


  1. What a wonderful way to start the new year, with good friends, comfort food and beautiful weather!

  2. Hooray.....happy winter with great friends. We head South in a couple of weeks for a short trip to the dreaded 24 Hour Rolex Race at Daytona. My photo album will be filled with cars, cold spectators, and more cars!!

  3. Have a lovely snow-birding time!

  4. How blessed you are to have such wonderful friends! Enjoy your time in warmer weather. I'll be speaking to a guild in Mount Dora in a few days, so I'll get to take in some of that sunshine too! I'm looking forward to it.

  5. Yay, you're here. Well, let the fun being! Your time here always seems to go by lightning fast. Enjoy- and we will touch base this time.

  6. So happy to see you are safely in your Winter environment with wonderful friends. Looks like a real happy group! Blessings and Joy...