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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekend with the kids!

Friday afternoon I picked up Amber and Nick from school, off to their house to pick up their suitcases  then we headed to our house.  We had dinner then kids decorated some sugar cookies I
made for them.

They did a nice job although we had some discussion on whether to make glaze or cream cheese frosting.  "We" elected to just make buttercream frosting!

 Some serious work going on here!

Friday night we made home made Blizzards for dessert (after eating a few cookies!) which Grandpa, Aber and Nick thought were pretty good.  I passed!  Who knew!  Nick went to bead early and  Amber stayed up with grandpa and I watching 48 Hours or a show like that!

Yes, blizzards are messy to make!

Next morning, Amber, Nick and I took Kalee for a walk.  It was cold, 27 degrees, but sunny and not really that bad to walk.  So walk we did...well, 3 of us walked and one of us rode his Ripster!

I give Nick credit...he rode this 'thing' all the way around and then some!  He would ride back to us where we were walking and then go back up the street!  Love seeing him on this.

We also took care of our neighbors dogs Friday night and walked one of them on Saturday and fed and played with them all weekend!  Good for kids and dogs!  Kalee loves the kids and would jump all over them in the mornings!  So cute!

This was Kalee sitting on Amber's belly!  She really did enjoy it but you can't tell by the picture!  HA

So after our little walk on Saturday, Grandpa took us to CiCi's for pizza.  The kids have been wanting to go for their pizza buffet so, since CiCi's is one of grandpa's favorites we went!  And I have to admit it did taste pretty good!

You can see on their faces the pizza was good!!  After lunch, we headed off to Walmart for some light shopping and even with a packed lot, we got a parking spot right up front!   Next Amber and I headed to PetSmart while Grandpa and Nick went to MC Sports to look around.  Then we headed to Colony Market for Amber and I to pick up some bread and chicken.  A really nice afternoon, which was finished up with another dog walk!

Of course, Taco's are always on the menu when kids come to stay so that was our dinner.  Then we went downstairs to play pool!  I've never played before so it was fun and Grandma actually one a game!  Nick said he helped me win and really he gave me some good lessons (as did Grandpa!).

This is one of Amber's could a ball sit so close and not go in!  It wouldn't!  Didn't make her very happy but she did well!

I really enjoyed having the kids around.  I'm sure the kids think I'm fussy.."have to do our chores before we play"...that type of thing...and "have to feed our animals before we feed ourselves"...and "wash your hands before you help cook" but that's me!

I had so much fun learning to play pool too!!!  If you have a minute, check out Nick showing grandma how to play.  He was good at giving me tips.  And I ended up winning two games!  WooHoo!  Oh, check out Kalee walking around us while we played!  What a hoot!


  1. You sure know how to pack a weekend full of fun. I bet Kalee is sleeping soundly now!

  2. I always enjoy your grandkids posts. I miss this kind of bonding since ours are now young men. Corey just moved out and here I am again struggling with Empty Nest Syndrome :(

    Merry Christmas

  3. You are so lucky to be able to spend quality time with your Grandkids. Looks like you got a lot fit into a short amount of time. Good for you on the pool wins. Making Memories...