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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bead shopping and leaf progress!

I had a fun afternoon yesterday "tooting" around with Peg, one of my Florida buds!  I dragged her to The Bead Strand, my favorite bead store here in Florida! so I could pick out some colors for my leaf.  Peggy is a watercolor/acrylic artist so her input for colors was really appreciated.
 So yep, I bought quite a few beads...just showing some of the colors above.  I finished beading the outline of the leaf and now it's onto bead the veins, then the fun begins filling in!!

Started on the main vein...colors aren't showing up  well but you get the idea!

After the bead store, Peg and I headed off to Michael's for yarn...we're going to make some more scarves using the 'arm knitting' technique...Michael's is moving their store and inventory was Nil!  So off we went to JoAnn's and picked up yarn.  Next to JoAnn's is an antique we scoped out almost the entire mall!  Really is nostalgic seeing some of the items we each had in our homes growing up...but one item I found is this!
Back side

front side

Is this cool or what!  It's a metal cabinet that has individual dividers/with names of dyes inside!  It was SO cool!  And the price was only $95..which appears to be a great price based on Ebay!  I so want this cabinet...but sure hard for me to part with $100!  Just think of all the beads and dyes I could buy with that kind of money!

There was a note attached that this side must have been in the window as it was quite faded.

And this is my current sewing project!!!  Just a tease for the upcoming Art Quilters Around the World challenge!!!

Overcast today but temps suppose to get up in the high 60's low 70's...we're heading out later this afternoon with Marcia and Gary to be tourists!  Gary is going to be our tour guide!  Should be fun!


The Inside Stori said...

There won't be any down time in your's great to have so many interests and passions.....that's what I love about you.....

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm going to have to move somewhere warm so I can get out of the house more!! Been busy inside stitching a little and refereeing dogs!

BTW, How is Kayle?

Createology said...

Fun new bead colors for your leaf. When I go antiquing I get sad at all I have grown up with and had but no longer have. Interesting looking sewing project. Exploring like a tourist is fun to do. I know you will enjoy your trip...

Nancy said...

This leaf is going to be quite spectacular. Have not been in that antique mall as yet, but your find is really a fun one.