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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Well, this is Kalee's third Halloween greeting the kids and she did a great job again!!  What far we've given out 180+ pieces of candy and have about 15 min. to go!

Kalee dressed up in Mandy's maid uniform....she looked so cute and looked like Mandy!

This was Mandy in baby!
Aren't these cute!!!
There were lots of unique and cute costumes this year....and so another year is's now 7:30 and we've given out 196 piece of candy!  We usually run out at 200 pieces but must have been the rain keeping them away!  Temp was and still is 59 degrees...but the rain did finally stop. 


  1. This sure got a grin going on my face!!!

  2. My favorite nite in the fall. Our weather was not good and we had....10...yes 10 visitors. Our new pup wanted to play with every one of them too! Corey was going to dress him to take him T or T at our in-laws (all our family lives in a 3 block square) but the rain deterred that. Your Little Maid was sure cute.

  3. How do I get so behind so fast in reading your posts? I love everything you do and hate to miss anything. Kalee earned her rest after greeting so many trick or treaters. November is here and I am grateful for our blogging friendship dear...