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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Tommy Time!

 After our lunch on Friday and some sewing, we took a break for some show and tell.  Tommy has more pictures on her blog post, so go there to see more from Gayle and Irene.

Gayle took an abstract mini quilt class from Debra Gash (who is from Michigan) and she brought two of her pieces.  I think they are quite interesting and cool.

This bottom one is laying on top of  a painted and stamped collage piece Gayle is working on.  Neat stuff isn't it.
 Tommy has pictures of Irene's show and tell...again, no point re posting same pics.  Go there!  More neat stuff.  And you can see what Tommy accomplished this weekend on her post here.   Her work is outstanding and identifiable!

I was busy this weekend doing hand work on my reverse applique peacock!  I actually got a lot done on this piece!  Really was nice having the time to sit and just work on it.  And with all the light in Tommy's studio, nice to be able to see what I was sewing!

 Of course, I thought it would be easy to remember how to make my hum bug bag!  NOT!  I worked on putting in that dumb zipper for a day!  You have to remember, this is only one side of a zipper that gets sewn in!  You sew one side all the way around then slide the zipper pull onto both sides..sounds is if you sew the one side zipper in the right way.. and if you sew your hum bug bag the right way...Dang...I spent more time unsewing then I did sewing!'s finished and I'm quite happy with it.

This is the back.  I couched some fiber/threads before sewing the sides.  You'll recognize the blue fabric is from my Carnival quilt I made.  I had some leftover pieces so brought them for a starting point on the bag...the orange is from another quilt I made that I cut up.  It's actually the back of the quilt.  The front was ugly!

And this is a snap bag I made for my neighbor!  She 'babysat' my husband while I was gone...

 And check out the view from Tommy's house!  You could see this view from every room...if this isn't inspiration, nothing is!  
I'll remember this weekend for quite sometime!!  So great meeting these wonderful ladies!  Friendships I hope to have for the rest of my lifetime!  Thank you each again for my wonderful get away!  And Tommy, you are the best!!


  1. Wonderful weekend of total inspiration and ladies laughing, eating and creating. Sounds like perfection and bliss and joy...

  2. Beyond memorable!!! Thanks for sharing your girlfriend weekend!!!

  3. Such a refreshing getaway! Gorgeous pieces.


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