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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


OK, I'm not sure exactly why they call it (QAYG) Quilt As You Go...yes, you are attaching the strips to the batting but you still have to quilt it...oh, well...I didn't name it but I am trying it!!

This is my first block...or maybe my second...doesn't matter!  All three blocks are using the same fabrics but in different positions...go figure.

I currently have my beaded birds and butterfly hanging on a wall in our living room but I don't like them there...I wanted to make something and this seemed like the perfect way to make something quick.  And these were quick.

Now I need to quilt in the ditch then free motion quilt...see what I still have to quilt them!!  But never less, I did enjoy the process and happy with the color scheme.  After I quilt each block, then I have to join the blocks with strips.  I might attach them to canvas or stretcher bars rather than face or bind them...but I'll figure that out later.
Today temp was up to 64!!  And  I had a wonderful lunch with my friend Alice...she reminded me today that we've known each other for almost 40  years!!!  Hard to believe but we have!!!  Alice is a wonderful lady...wife and grandma....and ALWAYS has a smile on her face!!!  I mean always!  She is so pleasant to be around!!  You'll never be down after spending time with her!

So now it's do a load of laundry, research our Advantage Health plan, then dinner, walk the dog and veg while watching TV tonight.  At least with no baseball or football, we're able to catch up on our shows!


  1. Truly the QAYG technique was misnamed! Lucky you to have a friend of 40 years to enjoy time with. My best friends have gone now and I miss the special times I spend with each of them.

    Your day sounds like mine. Terry asks me before he goes to work what I will do today and I never know, but I am busy all day. I LOVE retirement!!

  2. Well, good start. Will be interesting to see how this progresses. Some QAYG I've seen does straight-line surface quilting which looks nice with the angles of the strips. Keep us posted.


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