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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Paws Rescue

Well, it's that time of year again!
Actually you can't click on the pic above!  I have a widget on my sidebar that will take you to the auction page.
  The Small Paws Rescue is holding their annual online auction starting November 16th!  I am getting a few small art pieces ready to donate.  Last year I sold all three of the beaded art pieces I donated.   I sure hope I can sell some for them this year as well.  You can see the pieces I donated  on my post here.

If you're a Bichon fan, they do have lots of items with that adorable Bichon dog on addition, there is always jewelry, quilts, etc. to bid on.  Or you can donate cash!  Click here to go to their web site and just scan what they have!

Well, have to start clothes packing for my trip!  Rain today...should stop by a.m. then rain again on Sat. but I'm sure we'll be inside all day Sat. sewing our little hearts out!

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  1. Super luck with your auction! I hope the rain doesn't damper the day!


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