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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sky fabric?

I made a thank you postcard yesterday for one of my friends.  She gave me a tunnel and a jump for Kalee!!  How cool is that!  Of course Kalee has already made several runs through the tunnel!  I'll be posting pics on Kalee's blog later this week.  This is the card I made.   I printed on fabric an image from one of my original mono prints I did a few years back.   This pic was printed on cotton fabric then I printed the same image onto organdy, placed it on top of the image then stitched around the pear and cut excess.  Yes, I had to add beads!!

Today I posted on FB about the fact you never have the right color of fabric even though you have tons in each colorway.  Happened to me today.  I was looking for a sky blue for the background of my MACRO piece and couldn't find a 'sky' fabric in my blues to save my life!  Go figure, right!   So this a.m. I went downstairs and got out the Setacolor paints.  I didn't want to fool around with dyeing so chose the paint instead.

My piece sunning themselves.....
Looks better in person but I think this reflects the sky best

This  picture should be turned portrait wise...looks more like the color of water.. but still a keeper.

Kalee is resting before we head out for obedience class...only a few sessions left.  The last class they teach is the middle of November then reopen in January.  We'll be in Florida by January so hope we get to take our Good Canine Citizen testing in November....


  1. Gosh the year is going quickly. It seems like you just got back up north! You are so creative I just love your thoughts on the projects you create.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Isn't it just a great day when you can create the exact color of fabric you need? Almost better than finding it in your stash.....

  3. As Tim Gunn on Project Runway says, "Make it work!" And so you did. A good feeling. Kalee has her own tunnel... what fun.


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