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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still beading...

Well, no surprise there that I'm still beading...probably will until my fingers totally quit!  This is the beaded part of my MACRO quilt for the online challenge.

I know it's hard to imagine what it is...but that's the fun part, right!  Anyway, I dyed my background piece and cut out some other pieces I need to finish this piece or at least to start laying it out.  I need to get a jump on this challenge as it's due the end of November, which is my busy time with holiday's and getting ready to leave for Florida.

This a.m., I fed dogs (Cody spending the night), fed Grace, made a frittata for our breakfast, on my 3rd load of laundry, cleaned bathrooms and then scrubbed Grace's cage and area...decided to take a coffee break so I took our 'tunnel' out back.  M friend, Chris, who is a dog trainer and does agility, gave me a tunnel and a jump for Kalee!  We are having so much fun (Kalee and I)...Bob doesn't really get this at has nothing to do with golf...go figure....

Anyway, this is how we play with the tunnel.  Kalee does love it and it replaces a walk!  Well, maybe one of the walks!  Gives her some exercise and we both get to go outside!

And for those of you who are into dogs...check out Kalee riding shot gun on our way to Obedience class the other night!  I just love this dog!  I have posted before on FB and her blog a similar video...she rides like this all the time!  She's in her harness and sitting on a pillow I made...but she loves to look out the window!


  1. Oh My this beading is exquisite Robbie!!! So far I see a Sunflower. I have missed so much while having company. It is hard to believe it is time for Florida again. Time goes so quickly. Blissful Beading Dear...

  2. The beading.....oh's taking my breath away!!! Kaylee......adorable....our Sooty continue to test us....her newest is running after the UPS truck (since the driver gave her a dog biscuit...we've asked him not to do it anymore)....she is totally overcome when she even hears the truck......appearing not to be able to stop herself from taking off. Scary....

  3. The beading is intense... just so inviting. The tunnel looks like great fun and should provide good exercise. Like Mary, our old Cairn Terrier Jesse could barely hear a thing, but he could hear the UPS truck!


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