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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Packed and ready to go...well, almost!

This weekend three of us are meeting up for a weekend 'sew in' or is it 'food in'!  I'm sure it will be both!  This a.m. I packed up all my supplies!
My family and friends know that I don't "leave the farm" often...I visit my sister while we are in Florida at least twice, but it's been years since I've had a trip 'alone' - which means, no hubby or dog or bird!  As my grand daughter commented when I told her I was going away, "grandma, you need to get out more!"  From the mouth of babes, right!
So on Friday a.m. I'll be heading off to pick up one of the ladies in Lansing, then off we go to Indiana!  WooHoo!!!
Now what do I do between now and Friday!  Hmmmmmm,  I'm sure I'll think of something!


  1. Sew, eat, have travels...

  2. Have fun and don't forget a margarita. Ha,ha

  3. Good for you! We all need to do more of that!

  4. You will find this time with friends away to be very special and memorable. Enjoy every minute.
    I look forward to meeting up again this winter.....I'm organizing again and looking at my boxes of fabric....don't say I didn't warn you !!!!

  5. I have all my stuff gathered in one place. Looks like I might have to do some paring down. But I NEED everything I'm bringing. Hmmmm.

  6. Fabulous Fun Weekend! Safe Travels Dear...

  7. I am a homebody, but that sounds like a really really fun weekend you have a head of you!


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