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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Cuttin Time!

  A week or so ago, I was reading Margaret Ball's blog post on making fabric beads (go to her post to see how she made these).   For those who don't know Margaret, she wrote the fabulous bead book, Embeadery, which I love (it's one of the few books that goes to Florida each winter with me!).    These are the beads she made.  Aren't they great!  Well, Margaret didn't want them and said if anyone did want them to email her.  Well, I love fabric beads and Margaret's were unique being made with strips of sheer fabric so, of course, I emailed her and I received these in the mail!!!
Well, I had to make something for Margaret and use a bead or two was 'cuttin' time again!
 This was a piece I made several years ago.  I took dressmaker's pattern fabric and dyed it (dark blue) then laid it on top of a piece of commercial fabric (I think this was Pat Campbell's Fossil Fern).  I cut out an applique fern piece and stitched it on top of the other two motion quilted and ended up with a nice little table topper!

But's a hum bug bag for Margaret!
 I used one of Margartet's beads and added fibers for the tassel.
 This is the back...
I haven't checked the tracking on the bag but Margaret should have rec'd it today or at the latest tomorrow.  Hope she likes it!
Now my next project is creating a new piece for our living room!  I have my beaded birds/butterfly's hanging up (framed) but I don't like them for the room.  So, yesterday I started to work on a QAYG piece!  I've been a fan of The Quilting Edge and saw where Marianne had created some tutorials on, that's what I've been doing.  I have three squares finished and hope to join them by Thursday.  I really like the process and the blocks made uup quickly!  What fun!  I sent Marianne a note thanking her for the tutorials and look forward to sending her a pic of my finished piece!  Let's hope!!


  1. I love these little bags you make and this one is spectacular!

  2. What a nice little trade! You are a constant source of are your blog links......really you know everyone!!!

  3. Barter at its best! Love the colors. Will be interested on the QAYG.. I like Marianne's blog, too.


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