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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A fun weekend and surprises!

The opening for our exhibit went great.  Lots of fun but we did miss Mary (who was not feeling up to par) and Carol (who was out of town on vacation).  There are always quite a few folks  who come to the opening...OK, so a few are college kids looking for free food and drink...but that's ok!  Last year we actually had some college students who where quite interested in the art work and our processes...didn't find any of those this year!  Kinda funny but there was another huge! event taking place this weekend on the street where the art council sits!  You'll see a picture in this post!

I didn't realize how blurry this picture was too!

And look who else joined the quilters!

 Flint has a bike event every year and the past two years it has taken place the same weekend as the quilt weekend.  We did have two women who came to the exhibit and hubby's were looking at bikes and they were looking at quilts!  Guess that worked for them.

And when I got home Friday night look what was in the mail for me!!  A surprise from my Q Buddy, Susan!!!  THANK YOU my friend!!!

So cute!!!!
While I was sitting waiting for herds of folks to come see our work!, I was able to start the 'first cut' on my 2nd Tiffany piece for our exhibit.  This is the peacock design I showed on my blog that I'm doing.  This is the bike of the piece.  The black is on the front, which is what I'm cutting away to create the leading.  There are different shade of greens and blues, which you can't see!  But you will!

So this was the first cut and I managed to get this piece appliqued..almost to the point.  At least I've made a dent!  Figured I wouldn't get to this until the winter.  I want to finish up my Road Less Traveled for the online challenge for the Art Quilts Around the World blog.  So off I go to get some laundry started and some work (ok not really 'work' - sewing!) done!


  1. Glad to hear your exhibit opening was a success. Lots happening on this weekend. I am intrigued by your peacock and how the stained glass effect will progress. Wonderful week ahead dear...
    P.S. Very cute socks!

  2. Nice to get some work done while at the exhibit. And interesting who manages to find you. Have to chuckle about the students looking for free eats. Great socks!