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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday but Windy!!!

It was a beautiful Sunday and I got to see the kids today after our winter vacation!  The winds (25+mph) aren't so good for walking Kalee but the sun is wonderful.  Dawn just got back from her trip to Italy last night around 11 so I was glad she was able to be awake to meet.   My son had to work today so I won't see him until Wednesday. 
I did get back to working on Tommy's group quilt piece today...wish I could post pics but that won't happen for quite sometime.  I also started warping my bead loom to start another bracelet for my Florida friend, Carol.  And I actually did some hand stitching last night on my Georgia piece.  Kalee has been wonderful since we got home!  It's like she grew up overnight!  Now that I wrote that, she'll most likely drive us crazy tonight! 
So because I don't have any artwork to show, you have to watch this young lady and her dog.  They were on the British show, You've Got Talent...and they certainly do!  How adorable this team is!

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