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Monday, August 1, 2011

Artists in the making

Well artists have to rest and these are the beds our future artists slept in at grandpa and grandma's this weekend! We had the kids overnight on Sat. after I met Dawn and our friend, Teresa, for brunch Sat. a.m. I did take the kids to see The Smurfs move which was cute. We've been 'smurfed'! I do want to look up Peyo who did drawings and sketches of smurfs. So after the movie we head to our house making a stop at the library and over to our neighbors to visit with the cat, who the kids love.
Then back home to make taco's and of course do some art work. "What are we going to do now grandma" is what you hear a lot!!

Just to recap, we stamped, stenciled, shrinky dink'd our way through the weekend. Amber made a sign for my sister's upcoming visit this weekend! Wasn't that cute!
And here's the Animal king sitting with Cody and Zorro the cat! I think we were over to Lori's visiting the cat every hour or two! The kids just love that cat! But then they love all animals. We took the kids home around 1:30 to attend Amber's BD party! that's a whole other post!! We ate and ate and ate and after coming home crashed! A wonderful weekend and one for the books! Not sure how much art work I'll get to this week..seems like something is going on every day but I did get the warp threads on my loom to start my next cuff in orange and white.

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  1. I think we have the same beds at our house....
    What really cute grandkids. And they look so busy and QUIET......!! You're passing all that creativity on to lucky you all are to live so close. S

    Too bad theres no oven for cookie making !!