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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My busy work of late

So finally I can post some of my 'busy' work of late!

This is another 'humbug' bag (designed by Laura Kemshall) that I made for my friend Carol T. back in Michigan. Carol is the friend that I've posted on her watercolor she's been doing lately. I tried to make this bag a tad bigger than the other ones I've made so Carol can put some of her pens or brushes in it.

And speaking of Carol, she tore the Meniscus in her knee and may have to have surgery! Geezzzz Let's hope PT and rest will take care of it...the rest part is hard for Carol since she is always on the go! The pics here show both sides/back of the bag.

These are the two quilted pieces that I cut up while back in Michigan. On this piece I did machine couch some decorative threads around my hand stitched circle just to add some texture.

I painted some areas to add some color to the piece but this picture is before I did that! You can see in the finished bag above the areas appear darker and I think looks better than this.
And here are six of the 20 fiber Valentine's I made! These are for folks who don't visit my blog so I'm safe in posting pics of them. The other 14 will be posted after Valentine's Day!

I made up six different 'Zentangle'/doodling hearts and printed on fabric; hand painted each heart then machine and hand stitched to finish off the cards. It's 76 right now and no snow coming our way! I feel for the kids and friends being hit hard with the snow and cold. Hope everyone stays warm and safe!! Oh, Nick got hit with a basketball at practice a week ago and Dr. called yesterday..he has a broken nose!!! Poor kid!!!! But something for grandma to put in his yearly BD letter!


  1. I love that bag, but I think I may love the cards even more! I hope everyone who gets one will appreciate all the work you put into them! The last one may just be my favorite.

  2. You certainly have been busy! Beautiful results....the bag is Fabulous and those Valentines cards are wonderful........remember the old paper ones we used to exchange in school? :-)

  3. I love the bag. It is really beautiful. Those are my colors.

  4. I still haven't tried to make one of those bags yet, I love yours and am certain your friend will. Your ATC's will be very welcome too, they are wonderful. Very good way to use your zentangling.

  5. Your work is simply beautiful. It is the first of that kind i have seen. I work with beads and have been remiss of late, in most everything really. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see more wonderful creations soon.