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Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to Beading finally!

Before I show the two beading classes I took today, here's my Christmas tree for my Dec. BJP 2010.
Yes, I'm a tad behind in the Bead Journal Project 2011 but I only have myself to report to, right! I'm usually pretty good at meeting my own target dates but since mid summer I've let outside issues interfer with my art work (e.g. dog surgery, hubby hip replacement, etc.). OK, so I can't think of another excuse! I started back on quilting the background fabric then cut out my 'tree' and now I'm back to adding beads to the tree. You can see I've started at the top filling in the tree with what I call my 'extra junk' beads. Fortunately for me the 'extra junk' beads are the perfect colors!
Last week I signed up to take a bead class today, at my favorite bead shop (The BeadStrand) with one of my favorite instructors, Lynn H. Last winter I took several peyote classes from Lynn and she certainly got me hooked on this stitch. Today's class was called One Drop, Two Drop Peyote Bracelet. Right up my alley, plus I thought I could use the stitch for my art quilts.

These are some of Lynn's samples of her bracelet from today's class.
I feel bad but I forget the lady who sat across from me. Her colors were very pretty in this piece.
And my bracelet - yes, I beaded in yellow..not sure why but I liked the look!

And, as we were finishing up our 1/2 drop peyote bracelet, Lynn talked about her Herringbone Hills bracelet class being offered next week. Long story short, another lady came in, Iris, so Lynn taught us the class in the afternoon! Check this out! This is Lynn's sample. Click on this picture to really get a good look at Lynn's work.

Iris used some really cool beads and I'm sorry my camera just didn't show them as they look in person. Iris used black, crystals, and a dark, dark brown (called by another name I forgot!) which look spectacular!

Lynn decided the shape looked like a crocodile so she chose these colors. Doesn't it look like a croc!

And my little 'snake'! He does look a bit like a snake, doesn't he?? I love the pattern even though it's not a quick and easy piec. Lynn's instructions are very detailed and easy to follow so I know I can finish it. And I know where to find her if I run into a problem! Now you know why I might not finish my Dec. BJP or my Jan. and Feb. BJP's! Finishing these two pieces will be priority one for me!

It's been nice and warm here and still 68 @ 7:30 at night. I've got the fan on overhead and Bob's in his sweats! Go figure! Still it's great to have nice weather compared to some of the states. Just hope the Super Bowl fans keep warm and are safe this weekend!


  1. Your tree is gorgeous and I love the snake bracelet!

  2. Can we talk about that tree? It is stunning. It isn't often that I ever like them. They are always too green, too tacky looking or something. I never feel they they are artistic. But this one is really a work of art. The deep green and the way you have the beads flowing like that. It really is wonderful!

  3. I just love those bracelets, especially the "afternoon class"...will look forward to seeing your completed work.

  4. The tree is lovely... full of sparkle. And, WOW, those bracelets! The Herringbone Hills is so intricate and classy looking. Nice work.

  5. The pattern for the "snake" is great! Absolutely stunning! And your yellow bracelet came out looking so fantastic. I really do need to pick up beadweaving. I still can't do anything with beads but embroidery! But the bracelets are definitely inspiring me to want to learn.

  6. Oh I love your tree - the colors, everything in it!

    And I adore your bracelet... makes me wanna bead one now. LOl