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Friday, October 15, 2010

Something different

Ok, some for something different, I thought I'd post about some of my favorite books. I love to read and I do listen to books on tape/CD while in my sewing area, in the car and while cleaning house! My favorite textile book is The Painted Quilt. Of course, I'm one of the devoted fans of Linda and Laura Kemshall. I purchased their book The Painted Quilt several years ago and I reference it often. Sometimes just for inspiration and other times to refresh myself on a particular technique. I love this book and their 'thr3fold' journal. Thr3fold journals not 'inexpensive' (I don't like the word cheap - it sounds so cheap!) but it's defintely worth every penny to me.

Now onto fiction books that I think are great reads. Of course, Beth Hoffman's Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt is one of my all time favorites. This was such a good, easy read and did bring back memories of my childhood being raised by our Great Aunt Helen. At first, I felt so much empathy for Cee Cee and could actually feel her pain, fear and discomfort. But as the story progressed, I saw where I was fortunate, like Cee Cee, to be loved by family. Between my Aunt, cousins and my 'mum', my sister and I really ended up being somewhat normal! Right, Sis! You'll finish it in record time as it's an easy read and one you want to keep reading and not put down until you finish it.

I absolutely loved Sara Gruen's 1st book Water for Elephants. One recommendation I would have for Water for Elephants is to listen to it on tape. The story is read by an elderly gentleman and a younger man so you feel like you are being told a story by the characters in person. I've been waiting for Sara's 2nd book and I just finished it. Ape House is a story of a researcher, Isabel, who has taught Bonobos (apes) to sign and they have taught her that they can actually reason. The story line is good and held my interest primarily because of the Bonobos. Some of the interaction and dialog between Isabel and the apes was delightful. Of course some parts may offend folks who won't care for some of the sexual activity discussions but it's nature so that didn't bother me.

One of my favorite writers is James Patterson. Cross Country is another exciting novel but I have to tell you it's one of the most violet novels I think I've read/listened to in a long time. I kept thinking geezzzz is Alex Cross every going to get out of this country! I'm not sure of the research behind this novel but I can understand where some of this violence could hold true. I would like to know how or why Patterson wrote this but I'm too lazy to research that. I've just always enjoyed the Alex Cross books but next time I might check out the reviews first!

So that's my reviews! Actually, I'm just putting some of these books on my blog so I remember what I've read! I do have an Access database that I've tried to keep up but I keep forgetting to update it! No surprise there!
Our friends, Carol and Tony, from Florida are here in Michigan for the 6 months and stopped up to see Bob yesterday afternoon. It was good to see them again and I know Bob enjoyed having the company. Bob is doing fantastic!! He's walking with a cane (still uses the walker for stability on occasion) taking baby steps but doing SO good. It's just amazing he still has no pain! He does have some muscle burning in his good leg/thigh but it's from the exercises he's doing 3 times a day! He is building up muscle for sure and should be in great shape for Florida golf! Between our walking, exercises and eating, our days go by fast! We are such a regimented couple! Thank goodness we're both alike in that area! And he's staying awake at night to watch the boob tube! Go figure! Nice having the company but I'm sure Bob will be glad to get out next week and go to the Dr's. His appointment is on Wed. and I think the Dr. will be pleased with his progress. We sure are!


  1. I have that book, the Painted Quilt too and refer to it frequently. Haven't read the Hoffman book but will keep my eyes open for it. Enjoyed Water for Elephants. Did you know she has two previous books to that one? I didn't think they compared in enjoyment, but one has to start somewhere. I'll surely read the Ape House book eventually.

    Thanks for your reviews.

  2. I ahve the Painted Quilt and think, of all the books that have been out for a few years, that is by far the most artistic and inspirational.
    Very well put together, both with words and visuals!

    Anne.....who needs more time to read.....