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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I picked up the magazine 'The Best of Beads' and saw some really interesting projects/ was a peyote ring. So yesterday while watching our beloved Tigers baseball team I made this ring! I love it and it's SO easy to make! I made a free form peyote bracelet in Florida using these same beads so now I have a ring to go with the bracelet. Yes, the ring is on a turkey baster! I couldn't find any thing else that it fit around...and my arthritic fingers looked really strange in a photo!
Another view...I'm going to make the next one 6 or 8 beads wide.
I've also been beading my fish for my June BJP. I'm hoping to use lots of different colors in this fish. I really want him to stand out. Of course my hubby asked why he's in 'green' water and not blue..
And check out my Amaryllis! Today the 2nd flower is open too!!! Isn't it beautiful!! My blog 'friend' Anne who besides being a fantastic artist, gave me some hints on taking care of my little plant. I'm going to try and get it to bloom one more time before winter. Let's hope!
So I'm off to start some laundry then to bead. Bob and I had a great weekend of cleaning the deck and washing all the windows! He's golfing today so I'll just have to force myself to just play and bead - doing laundry makes me not feel so guilty 'playing'! I just got a box of beads from my FAVORITE bead store, The Bead Strand, in Ocala, Fl. If you're in the area or even just looking for a great store that carries ALL the beads you'd ever want, check them out! They'd be worth the drive! And soon will be having an online store so you can shop via mail. Temp still in the 80's and beautiful out..although, we did have showers last night but the grass needs the water so that was fine.


  1. Oooooo!!!! The blossom is absolutely beautiful!
    I still don't know how the heck you handle those little beads. My hands are fighting me even doing a bit of computer work today, a very late blog post and then there is the embroidery feature on the sewing machine that is going to get sent to Mars..... >:[
    I think you have had a much more productive day!


  2. This is a cute ring! Your fish is going to be beautiful, I like the way the pattern goes that you have on it!