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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wolves are traveling!

OK, I'm just a little excited! This is the picture of wolves my daughter took a few years ago at a wolf preserve in Indiana.
And this is the quilt I made last year for the MQAI Art of Nature traveling exhibit
I just found out via email yesterday afternoon that the 'wolves' were juried into the IMAGES 2010 Lowell Quilt Festival in July! I'm really excited and so pleased to have been juried in. This is a closeup of the leaves around the wolves. I just sandwiched a piece of hand dyed fabric then free motion quilted leaves; cut them out then sewed onto background.
I thread painted the wolves after printing out my daughter's photo onto fabric (poster printed 4 pages then sewed together). All thread painting was free motion quilted using lots and lots of threads! I really enjoyed making this piece for the exhibit and hope it gets at least decent comments from the judge! That's always a good thing to get a totally new perspective on your work.

Beautiful day here in the mid 70's with constant breeze. bob and I are sitting in our mama/papa bear chairs watching the Tigers! I'll get my beading out once I look at some blogs...I haven't read some of my regulars in a few days so I have to catch up on their work!


  1. YES!!!!
    Lowell is a great show---YOU ROCK!!!


  2. Congratulation! It's a beautiful piece.

  3. What a HUGE testament to your talent!! I am positive that your quilt will win many accolades from the judges and the public.

    What a wonderful subject, especially if you are able to relate the story behind the inspiration. Many of us are sympathetic to the plite of the wolf.

  4. Congratulations! This is a lovely piece. The leaves are great!

  5. Congratulations and great job. The hand dyed leaves fabric makes them look so lifelike.

  6. congratulations, robbie! this is truly a spectacular piece! i clicked on the image and then zoomed in on it so i could really look at it. i don't know how you did it, but the fur on the wolves has such fantastic texture. it gives it a really "real" feeling. i love the way the leaves really pop out at you, and the fabrics are super. you did such an outstainding job on this!

  7. Seeing your quilt I have to sign in to your blog, not missing the other wonderful pieces you make

  8. The Lowell Festival is held in Lowell, Mass. each August ( It's quite a large show with quilt exhibits all over the town. I think they had over 160 quilts juried in last year. Thanks all for nice comments!

  9. It's a wonderful piece and a great show.

    So cool -- congratulations, Robbie!

  10. HI Robbie - just caught up with everything you've been doing. I am in awe of your quilts - how sweet are you to donate some of them to the library! Your beaded fish is so fun. I love the way you are doing the scales. I liked the yellow but the softer color is nice too. Love his eyeball!

    I agree with you on the peyote rings - I used that technique for the ones I made and I just love the way they feel. There is something satisfying about that stitch the way the beads fit so nice together and the flexible feel of the 'fabric' when it's done. And of course, being a 'quickie' project is a bonus. Speaking of a quickie - love the amaryllis lol

    Give Sybil some lovin' from me! He's gorgeous!!

  11. Your quilts are wonderful. This quilt really makes me see the wild side of nature.
    I love your banner can you share more of what that is? I have torched some copper and quilted though to make a quilt myself.....yours makes me want to go back an try something new.

  12. Your quilt is fantastic! Thanks for sharing all the details and photo's. And your daughters photography is also amazing!


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