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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bead Artists

Before I show some of my 'efforts' at art work, just let me show you some true BEAD ARTISTS! The first one is Beth Murr at Until We Bead Again. I'm happened upon Beth via some YouTubes she had on the peyote stitch. You know this is becoming one of my favorite stitches! Beth has been 'firing' (read her blog for stories on firing!) Raku Turtle Cabochons and a pendant and guess who bought the pendant!! Yep, I just rec'd it in the mail today!! I love it!!!! Thanks, Beth!!!!
You have to make sure to check out Beth's blog and web site as well as her tutorials if you are at all interested in beading. She does a great job - no talking but has the camera up close and works slow enough for you to see exactly what to do. Her beading is exquisite!! Just check out some of her beading patterns for sale.

The next bead artist you really need to check out is Kate Boyan at LivingBeadWork. Kate uses beads the same as a painter uses paints! Her work is also spectacular. I'm just amazed at the depth and detail of her work. Both Beth and Kate are true artists and I'm so inspired by their work. I know if you just take a quick stop by their sites you will be as well.

Geezz..I'm not even showing my beading today! But I am showing my KISS challenge. Dijanne presented a challenge to her blog readers to create a 20" x 20" art quilt using only two colors or fabric but as many colors of thread work - but - only using straight stitching, no machine embroidery stitching. This is my finished piece. I think I only showed some areas of it a few months ago. Dijanne is going to post our finished pieces soon. I can't wait to see what others have done.
I used a piece of snow dyed fabric my friend Mary gave me last year. I wanted to do straight stitching (which I'm not good at!) and then I did hand stitching on the circles and other areas.
Just another closeup.
And this is my shibori piece over dyed for the last time. The black dye I used does have a blue cast to it and over dyeing with the two blues added to that. I also used a cranberry dye in some areas. I'm pleased with this piece and hope to use it as a whole cloth and added hand stitching and of course beads!
Today was the memorial service for my friend Mary's son, Father Tony. They had well over 250 people in attendance at the church and the luncheon after. It was such a nice gathering of family and friends to be around Mary. So now life goes on for her and her family but they certainly have some wonderful memories and stories from those who knew Tony. I only wish I had met him but I feel like I know so much about him now.


  1. Robbie! Your KISS piece is amazing! I wish I could see it "in person"!


  2. Robbie,
    You are so sweet. So happy you like your pendant. Love your Blog! Beautiful stuff. I will be back and I look forward to following you!

  3. Robbie,
    Thanks so much for the recommended reading and I love your work. Of course I had to get one of those turtle cabochons.

  4. Your Kiss challenge piece is wonderful. I would be good to see it IRL but your photos will have to be good enough. Thanks for the beader links, I will go take a look.


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