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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just one of those days....

It all started yesterday...I finished putting the binding on page 6 & 7 of my Art Diary (above is page 6 and below is page 7 which is actually the back of page 6 duh!). For some reason 18" was sticking in my mind for my art diary book but guess what! My book is 18" x 17.5"...don't ask! just is! So pages 6 & 7 will stick out! I'm not 'unbinding' and 'rebinding''s my book and it can be any way I want, right!
Anyway, this piece was the start of fish for June..this is the same fish I did for my BJP June piece and I was just playing with different colors.

For the back, I just masked off the fish then used a brayer to roll on some fabric paint.
So that was my first 'ugh' moment...then I was searching for the D rings that I use to attach my pages in my book. I know I have them SOMEWHERE because I bought extra. I have tore my sewing room apart looking for the buggers. I remember putting them somewhere thinking "that's a good place for them" but for the life of me I can't remember where they are!! I just don't want to spend the $3 to buy more when I have two sets (at least!)..ok, so I spent $4.99 on a margarita the other night at dinner..but that's different! That's a margarita!

On to my next adventure this a.m. I wanted to print out on fabric a photo in poster printing (which I do all the time!) but for some reason, my printer wouldn't keep the option when I'd print. hmmm What's up with that! So I tried my hubby's dice, fabric actually got stuck once so I quit that in a hurry. Ah, my printer downstairs always printed perfectly in poster printing so I'll go there. No dice! Fabric stuck in that one too. OK, one more printer left..the wireless we use in Florida, it always prints perfectly on fabric...well NOT TODAY!!! Geezzz I won't even tell you how many pieces of fabric I ruined (although, I'll do something with them - waste not want not!). So, I guess it's just not meant to be. I wanted to print on fabric and do some thread painting and I still might. I tried muslin and the bamboo cotton...I usually print on sateen or fabric that I've used digital ground on. Because I was going to thread paint I figured I'd just use something cheaper..
So to use the wireless printer I had to use my hubby's laptop. He's been complaining about not being able to upgrade to AVG's latest version so I tried to upgrade for I uninstalled that and reinstalled Norton 360...he usually doesn't like Norton because it's always running in the background (but it's a safety feature!) so we'll see if he notices it. I might be back to square one on that too.
So now I'm off to take Mandy for her vet check up and had something in my tooth while driving. So I grabbed one of my picks (of course every girl carries these, right!) and guess what! It gets stuck in my tooth! Now you'd think I would have learned a lesson because this happened to me one other time..but NO, I have to do it again. Here I am driving down the highway with this
pick hanging out of my mouth! I thought I was going to break my filling or tooth! I just didn't want to stick my finger in my tooth to remove whatever it was but geezz I ended up almost sticking my entire fist in my mouth breaking off the end of this! I finally got it out! Wonder if I could have rec'd a ticket for 'picking my teeth' while driving!
So I think I better quit for the day...maybe it's margarita time! It sure isn't time for anything else I want to do!


  1. I think a free margarita would be called for after a day like that!

    slytoxic is the veri word today.

  2. What a day! Hope the dog got a good report at least. The journal size... is there any way you could extend the cover so that it would align better with your pages? I wondered where in FL you were as I noted The Bead Strand was your fave shop. Ocala Palms.. pleasant area. Enjoy your summer, and here's to better days than this one was! The fish project is just beautiful.

  3. Hi, good to meet you & thanks for joining me!

    Well, I've heard of multi-tasking, but really! It's the way you tell 'em ;)

    Love your leaves above, fish & the pic of the monoprint.

  4. Your journal pages are amazing, Robbie... and you're right, it's your journal, you make it the way you like!!

  5. I've been peeking around your blog and seeing some great things. I love your fish pages, your hand stitching and so much more. Your story about the mouth pick gave me a good laugh. I hope your pup is OK.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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