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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who is peeping whom?

I saw this article in our local paper today and every time I read it I just crack's not that I think it's funny someone was 'peeping' (that's just plain sick!) but the description of the 'pervert' is just too funny.

This is a blip from the article:

The victim reported she was giving her cat medicine and noticed what she described as a "fleshy mass" moving on her deck. She screamed and ran into the living room. Her husband noticed something on the deck near the kitchen window. The husband then observed the backside of a completely naked man.

The suspect is described as a white male, heavyset with visible fat around his waist area, about 6 feet tall, having a hairy back and lower torso, shaved head with dark stubble showing. The suspect was naked.

Is it just me or did this couple get a really good look at this guy! So who was the 'peeper'!


  1. ROFLMAO!!!!
    What is worse think about would you like to be the person to identify him? To publicly say, yeah, I have intimate knowledge of the large hairy naked fleshy mass!!!!
    Oh....I am sorry, I am rotten today...... <:D


  2. What would possess someone to do that??! Yikes - thank goodness they were no pictures......

  3. sounds like a real looker ... I don't know why they were complaining.

    (sent here by Anne to read about the hairy fleshy mass)


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