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Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend underway

Last night was our CCC (Complex Cloth Club) fiber meeting. During our show and tell, one of our members showed a pillow advertisement. I did go to their web site just because I was curious as to who would pay $125 for one little cushion! I have to say they have some really nice, unique pillows. In fact, some of the pillows look like they'd make a nice quilt design! hmmmmm

We did have a really interesting and relaxing meeting! We always start off with show and tell which is quite nice and last night wasn't any different. Dye camp was two weeks ago so we had lots of hand dyed fabrics to look at. Some great designs and colors.
After our S&T, our technique for this month was a Water Color Play Day or Holistic Art Workshop, I'm not sure which title Marty wanted! (Each month one member presents a technique for us to try.) It turned out to be quite a relaxing technique. We were supplied (by Marty!) with herbal treats (I think it was cashew peanut butter, wheat bagels, dark chocolate and alkaline water) and then she showed us some breathing techniques and then we played with watercolors. I'm not into drawing at all or using my watercolors to actually paint something but Marty made us all feel quite relaxed (could it have been the oil we sniffed? Oh, I forgot to mention that didn't I!).

For our first exercise, we were just to paint on our paper anything! So I did! This was my first piece.

Our next exercise was to paint a 'shape'. I honestly couldn't think of a shape to paint! I was going to do a triangle but then decided not friend next to me started to do one so I didn't want her to think I was that lame that I was copying her! OK, I don't know what shape it is either..if you turn it, someone said it looked like a cucumber..maybe..but it was fun to do.

We were suppose to bring a piece of fruit, which I forgot, but my friend had a pear and an apple with her. The last exercise we were to use Sharpie's and draw (ugh...scary for me!) our fruit or draw an object. So i elected to draw the pear. You can see my small pear on the right which is outlined. It looked so sad by itself so I added the other two. They suggested I color the background..well, duh! I didn't think of that. See, I said i don't draw or color! Gosh, how bad am I! It's a wonder I can put fabric together to make my art quilts!
All in all we had a really, really nice evening..relaxing and exactly what Marty wanted us to have. She did a great job.

Today I've been struggling with creating a design for a gift I need to make. I literally worked ALL day and I think I've come up with what I want to do. I'm almost afraid to sleep on it because for the past four days, every time I wake up and start to work on it I change my mind! Maybe I'll think about my green pears instead and what color I want the background to be..that should keep me up tonight!


  1. Del!!!! Would you please come and draw your pear into my Little JournaL? Please? I just love your pears!


  2. i think your watercolors are fabulous! i love them all. sounds like you had a very fun, relaxing but energizing day. i think i said this last time...i want to come play with you and your friends. lol.

  3. Love your pears and it looks like it was a really fun experiment for you!


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