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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Fish Story

This was a coloring page that I 'doodled' and used for my June BJP inspiration.

Here's my June journal page (8 1/2" x 11") called A Fish Story.

Those who follow my blog may remember reading about 'Sybil' and how we came to 'own' him/her'..for those of you who don't know the story you can read about our adventure here: day 1 , day 2 and day 3 . It's only right that this BJP be called A Fish Story so that I always remember how we came to 'adopt' Sybil.
And for an update, Sybil is VERY happy he's building a bubble nest! Go figure! I guess when Beta's are happy and ready to breed they build a bubble nest where they'll put the eggs from the female. Hmmmmm He also will eat his blood worms off my finger! This fish is a hoot!

OK, so back to my's a closeup of the fish. Sybil is actually black and blue (and not from the cat) so my hubby asked why I didn't do this fish in those colors. I told him I had started on this fish way before Sybil came into our lives. I just did some free form beading on his face, attached a button for the eye (a first for me!) and used Delica's for the body and lower fin beading in the fish bone stitch (appropriate!) and bugles for the lines on the top fin.
This is my 'coral' which I beaded using a technique by Margaret Ball (I love her 'Embeadery' book). She actually posted how to bead the twisted ribbon stitch on her blog.
So that's my BJP for June and update on Sybil. Now onto finishing some other projects and planning July's BJP. And of course keeping an eye on Sybil - he's keeping an eye on me!


  1. Oh I remember ALL of that fish story well!!! ;D
    I'm glad Sybil is happy and with a good home, where there are no marauding felines to make life waaaay too interesting!
    Love the beading too!


  2. Wow Robie the fish is beautiful.. Only you can have a hand fed fish. Your sis loves you.

  3. From a doodle to a beaded project.. this is lovely!

  4. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to one strong fish!

  6. This is amazing! I love it. All of the different stitches, etc. I especially love that ribbon stitch (I have Embeadery, but haven't had time to read it through - I'll need to take a look!) Wonderful piece!

  7. Robbie, your beading is fabulous! You are inspiring me to try some different stitches, I haven't used a lot of bugles but sure like the way you have incorporated them here. this turned out great! Sybil must be so proud!

  8. i loooove your fish! and i couldn't wait to see the next installment each day of your fish saga. lol. i felt so bad for that poor little fish. but what a fighter! your fish is so wonderfully beaded in such bright, vivid colors. it's so very beautiful!!!

  9. Robbie, I just love how you are integrating beads into your gorgeous fiber art!

  10. This is amazingly creative, Robbie! I love the story too. By representing Sybil in these bright, happy colors, you gave us a visual sense of his/her personality! Bravo!

    Robin A.

  11. Oh, and I forgot to mention how great your technique is... It's hard to do such a good job with Delica beads.


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