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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Plugging away!

So Grandma's Quilt is progressing!  I finally finished ALL the quilting. 

There is a mixture of hand  and free motion quilting but remember this hand quilting all took place back in 2000 when I was certainly more ambitious!  

  I will be's not my best work doing the free motion quilting.  Just way to heavy to work with and my heart wasn't it in.  I hate having projects hanging around so I just wanted to finish the quilting!    And I did! 

So, now it's a matter of squaring up this monster so I can add the binding...which I will do by machine.  I'm not putting the effort to hand sew the binding on.  Let's be honest...this quilt is going to be 'finished' and put away somewhere!  I don't see the kids wanting it, other than when I'm gone they may just want it but certainly not now.  Or they can put it in my coffin with me!  Not a bad idea!  

Not sure when I'll get to the I have to find enough fabric for that too!  Forgot about that!

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  1. Finished is 100% better than perfect every single time! Now you need to something that's just fun!


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