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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Knitting! And Grandma's Quilt!


It's been a busy two weeks...between doctor, dental extraction, eye exam,; blood workup; picking out new glasses; grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking (ok, let's be honest - I used up a lot of leftovers from the freezer lately!  HA) and a few lunches out I've not been at home as much as I would like!  But I'm not complaining...especially about the eating lunches out!  

I still have about 6-8 inches for the body to knit on my 3rd lace top.  I was able to knit this past Sunday watching two football games!  Woohoo!  Once I'm done with the body,  I can start knitting the sleeves, which are 3/4 length...

Closeup of the lace work.  Pro bowl is on this weekend and then Super Bowl next!  I will miss football for sure!  And miss knitting time...I don't sit and watch golf with Bob very often (which will be on in place of football!) so knitting will be while in my sewing room watching shows that I have taped - like I have several, several series with 3-5 shows waiting to be seen!  

I will knit at night if we're watching some program I don't need to watch every scene!  

I've squared Grandma's Quilt so edges are all ready for the binding.

Because this is a true scrap quilt, I looked for some yardage I had to make the binding with.  Remember this is a huge bugger so I need quite a bit. 

And look what I found....actually, it's not that pretty to use for the binding but I have tons of this leftover from Ian's T-shirt quilt.  I used this for the backing and binding strips.  You can see some of that quilt here.  I may pin some of the binding on to see if it's too icky looking!  Then it's back to the fabric stash to see what else I can find.  

I'm making progress on the Dye Dog #2 quilt...well, at least from a design idea!  Hope to post later this week.

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