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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Dye Dog #2 Progress

 Before I get into my post...I had lunch with my BFF, Carol, on Tuesday...and come to find out Thursday she tested positive for Covid!  She didn't get sick with fever, sore throat until Wednesday but I'm hibernating until next Tuesday just to be safe and not infect anyone.  I don't think I'll get it but better be safe than sorry.

Of course I have a few ideas on my Dye Dog #2....hard to control my mind!  I see so many different ideas and go back and forth, but, I think that's just what the process is or should be, right!  I should have turned this pic of one of the dye dog fabrics.  

Just reminds me of branches of a tree.

So out came my tree stencil which I used a few years ago.  You can read that post here.

Ran the stencil through copy machine
traced tree onto fusible web

I really like the look of the tree on Kay's dye dog piece.  

So next up is deciding on the rest of the arrangement.  The piece on the left is another one of the 'dye dog' pieces.  This 3rd piece is quite light BUT I have an idea there as well...maybe using thickened dyes to enhance the black in the fabric.

Worse case, I'll use this 3rd piece as backing for the quilt.

I'm also looking at using some of this ultra suede I have.  Putting 1/8" of the pink in between black fabric looks pretty good.

Hard to tell but that 'reddish' strip is actually the same pink you see here. I have plans for doing quite a bit of hand work too.    I didn't have any solid black fabric so I ordered some from JoAnn's (with my gift card, Susan!).  They had cotton sateen on sale for $7.99 and free shipping...can't beat that with a stick, right!

So this is where I'm at with my dye dog project.  And before you know it, I'll have changed my mind and will have come up with an entirely different design!  Just the way my mind works!  

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  1. Oh I sure hope you don't get Covid! Your tree stencil is lovely.


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