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Monday, February 6, 2023

Grandma's Quilt is ALL DONE!!!


The binding fabric worked great.  I used the machine to sew the binding on.  I wasn't going to hand sew the binding.  Don't forget this is just a project I want


finished.  It's nothing my kids are going to say "WOW, LOOK WHAT MUM MADE".  HA

It's more of an emotional tie to myself because I recognize the quilts I made with so many of the pieces of fabric.  And this was a pattern I started back in 2000!!!!  Bob keeps saying "it doesn't look like your work".  Well, it did back in 2000 but he's right...I don't do this type of quilts anymore.

The backing is actually an old sheet that I dyed with Tea Bags! fact, there are some areas were I left the tea bags in the water and it looks like the backing is stained.  Well, it is...but with the tea bag!  It really is more pink than anything but I can't get the color correct on my pictures.  Not sure why pink!

Both the pic above and this one are showing the hand quilting I did back in 2000!!!

This is the back of the quilt...see how pink it is!  Who knew!

Closeup of some blocks and the hand quilting!  

This is a true scrap quilt for sure.  Nothing goes together but I have memories of so many of the fabric scraps!
All Finished!!!  Whew!!!

So now, it's back to the Dye Dog #2!!!  So glad to have this project/homework behind me!  HA


  1. Now that's an achievement! It's huge. Good job. And I do love a scrap quilt- they're the best.

  2. Congratulations on getting that quilt done! It turned out beautiful!


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