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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Grandma's Quilt Progress


Yes, I am quilting my little heart out!  I actually keep the quilt under the needle and just shut off the sewing machine and my lights!  This bugger is way to heavy to keep lifting and moving back and, if I have 10 min to sew, everything is right there ready to go!  I'm about 75% finished with the free motion quilting...sure seems like I keep finding empty areas!  I accomplished quite a lot of hand quilting back when I first started this bugger.  Can't believe I was hand quilting!  What was I thinking!  HA 

I was trying to look through old photo's to find the picture of my daughter's graduation dress I made her. this is the fabric, I had a small piece in my stash and used it in 'grandma's quilt.....Along with so many old fabrics, which I can remember using the fabrics in other quilts....I was big on applique way back when!  Remember 'Thimbleberries' patterns!  

And this is a pattern I drew up in 1987 to make a quilt for my daughter!  Yes, I still have this paper!  HA

And if you look closely, you'll see some of this floral fabric in grandma's quilt!  Actually, there are enough wide panels of that floral fabric in this quilt!  This was way before batik's!  HA

This is large quilt, 72"x76" and Dawn still has it!  In fact, I did a repair job on this quilt back in spring of 2019! "Waste not, want not"...guess I didn't want for any fabric since I used so many of my fabric pieces in 'grandma's quilt'.  I don't believe I purchased any fabric with the exception of the beige background.  HA  Now to finish 'grandma's quilt' so I can start on my Dye Dog 2!

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  1. That is one enormous quilt and I'm sure it is heavy! But it's lovely- you'll be so glad when you get it finished. Like you, my projects require a "trip down memory lane" when I finally dig them out again. And you even have the graph paper chart from way back when! Hang in there.


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