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Thursday, January 26, 2023

My week!

 This past Tuesday I had a tooth extraction! UGH This one hit me hard for some reason...ok, maybe I'm wimping of today, (1/26/2023), it's only been 48 hours!  I'm missing eating real food!  The one plus is the swelling on my left side is taking away the wrinkles in my face!  Honest, it's kinda funny but as I say there's always a plus side to everything!  HA

I honestly haven't done much the afternoon after the removal, nor did I do anything yesterday except lay on the couch in the family room, drinking tea, napping and watching Netflix!  Today, I'm feeling much better (still enjoying the look of no wrinkles on one side of my face!  HA).  I felt like I had wasted two days so kicked myself in the butt and started to work on designing my Dye Dog 2!

I picked out some JoAnn fabric that had some shibori type pattern to it and picked out a pink fabric.  I wanted to have some type of angle blocks using small strips (pink), which I could then embroider somehow.  Really, I thought about cutting this up some more and sewing back together...but I didn' mind went another direction.

These are the 'dye dog' fabrics Kay sent me (you can read the post on how this project started here).

Pretty cool  fabrics and the patterns sure can get the old mind working!  Just hope I get my mind working correctly!

So now I'm playing with other colors or fabrics that may work with Kay's 'dye dog'.  

I pulled out some old ultra suede fabric I had.  These are pieces that I painted with black paint.

I have a design in mind but I need to go into my dye work area, which means asking Bob to move his plane from my work table!

I won't have time to do anything until Sunday.  Today I'm going to try and knit before dinner or after.  Tomorrow, I need to go to the grocery store and possibly laundry.  Saturday I'll be headed to the library to put away donation books.  I'm sure there's a playoff football game on Sunday but I might be able to do something or at least get my table set up with my 'idea'!  Fingers crossed!


  1. Ugh is right! Hope you feel better quickly. Not a fun experience. Your days, like mine, make me say "when did we ever have time for a job?" I just looked back at the January calendar and it was chock full of appointments and commitments. However, busy is good- glad to be healthy enough to do things and go places.

  2. Not fun. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. That Anonymous is me, Sherrie Loves Color.


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