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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Happy Birthday to me!


What a great birthday it's been!   My daughter made this cake for me and I love, love the decoration for it!!!!  Is that just the best!  Our son-in-law, Jeff, said "that sign is blog worthy"!  HA

The cake was delicious!  It's a double Chocolate Red Wine Bundt Cake!  YUM!!!!!

I am so fortunate to have the best family and friends in my life!!!!  Yesterday, the 15th, started off with a package from the kids in Indiana!  

There were several items in the box along with a great picture of Bob, his son and grandson!!!  It's a favorite picture we all just love!  The girls got these adorable bandana's!  I know...Gigi looks so happy doesn't she!  

Next up, I stopped at  my walking bud, Donna's, on the way home from library.  Donna presented me with this table top block.  What a perfect saying...I think the rest of it "even when I can't see"...which is so profound..and I also was given two special pieces of candy, which I have saved (so far!).  

And one other 'present' Donna didn't know she was giving me was this tissue paper!!!  She had the block wrapped in this!   Is it perfect for me or what!!  Donna said I was more excited about the tissue paper than other gifts.  She's right!  I can see scanning this in and printing on fabric!

 Donna also gifted me a Solar Return reading she did!  This is a five page document.  The Solar Return is to help you predict or work on issues or wants that will occur in the next "solar year" (birthday to birthday).  I know the effort it takes Donna to put this together and I appreciate it SO much!  I started to read it last night and will go back to reread (more than 2 or 3 times) again today.  It's SO interesting and I have a feeling it might help give me a new perspective for this coming year.

AND now to the best part of Saturday - and you know it has to do with food, right!  Dawn and Kris delivered dinner for my birthday.  We were going to get together for a family sit down but with Covid running rampant at my son's office, the decision was to have meals on wheels delivered by the girls in masks!  Wow...what a wonderful meal...everything was in containers for me to pop in the oven, shake/mix, put in air fryer and mix salad with my daughter's Mediterranean dressing, which I love!

We had air fried lemon caper roasted cauliflower (which is delicious!  You can also bake in oven)..also, there were roasted potatoes, salad and salmon with guacamole!  Who would have thought guacamole would taste so good on salmon but it was fantastic!  This was our DIL's recipe...I won't use just lemon on my salmon anymore!

Of course,  Kris also got me a bottle of wine!  To have with dessert but we had at wine time instead!  Really good blend!!!

My daughter always gives the most beautiful fav are yellow roses and her flowers always seem to last so long!  I get to enjoy them daily...and think of her!

My daughter sent me a better picture of the yummy cake! And a heart shape too!

My son's family got me this bracelet too!  OK, actually, you know the women in the family do the shopping!  HA

What a fabulous birthday I've had today and yesterday.  Lots of birthday wishes from family and friends.  I am so very lucky...I know I keep saying that but I know how lucky I am.  And now with my solar return reading, I'll work on making more friends, taking care of my health, life and general well being!  Thank you one and all...


  1. Happy Birthday, so glad that you had a great day and were thoroughly spoilt

  2. What a great day you had……may you have many many more celebrations ahead!!

  3. Well, I'm late to the party again- but happy birthday! So many lovely and heartfelt gifts. And the "dinner in" was a great idea and looks delish. That cake- what to say??- perfect ending to your celebration.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful birthday, even with the Covid restrictions! Here's wishing you a very colorful and creative year!!!


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