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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Coloring the Masters Exhibit

This past Wednesday we hung our 'Coloring the Masters Exhibit' at the library in Ortonville.  Our exhibit consists of art work we created based on our Interpretation of a Master artist.   
Here's our exhibit...some of my pieces, you'll recognize from my blog...but you'll be totally impressed with some of the work from my buds:  Mary, Carol and Lois Ann! 
Guess who!, Mary and Carol - Lois Ann was missing 

You may recognize  the names, Carol and Lois Ann, they were the artists who painted the utility boxes I posted on!
Inspired by the Master:  Ugo Nespolo 

These were by Lois Ann

You'll recognize my hex horses

Mine and Lois Ann's

Inspired by the Master:  Mary Ann Beckwith

Mine, Lois Ann's and another of mie

These are all by Lois Ann

Inspired by the Master:   George Rodrigue/Blue Dog

Mary's and two by Lois Ann

Mary's and two by Lois Ann

Inspired by the Master:  Dr. Seuss

Carol's, Mine and Mary's

Mary's and Lois Ann's

Inspired by the Master:  Louis Comfort Tiffany 

Lois Ann's, Mine and last two by Lois Ann

Mary's, Lois Ann's and mine

Lois Ann and Mine

Inspired by the Master:  Rick Loudermilk

Lois Ann's - canvas wrapped

Mine - Quilted piece attached to canvas

Inspired by the Master:  Peter Max

Lois Ann's, Carol's and last by Lois Ann

Mine and last two by Lois Ann

These three by Lois Ann

Mary's work and Lois Ann


  1. All amazing work!!! Gosh, I bet you were all so proud to have your work on display. Congratulations to you all.
    xx, Carol

  2. You are all amazing artists, and very prolific too! What a wonderful display, I hope people pay attention to it, how could they help but notice?

  3. What a great way to spend my morning coffee with your fabulous and inspiring exhibit… glad you posted all these delightful images!!

  4. These look just wonderful. Seeing them grouped by inspiration, and the whole theme of the exhibit is inviting and educational. Beautiful work, all!

  5. Congratulations! What an inspiring exhibit!!


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