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Sunday, September 2, 2018

First Weekend Home for Amber!

Thursday night my son called and asked if I wanted to "ride shotgun" with him on Friday to pick up Amber from college!  I was so excited...of course I wanted to ride along!!!  Amber has been at Siena Heights for almost 2 weeks and with the holiday it was a perfect time for her to come home!!!!  Amber didn't know I was coming so that was a surprise for her!  She said "good thing I cleaned my room".  HA

The campus is beautiful!  White bldg is their Performing Arts bldg.

The bldg on the left holds their book store, common area and food court. 

Dominican Hall - Darrin and Kris had parent meetings there.  All the buildings are beautiful inside and out.
Entrance (or exit!) from the Welcome Center
The ride was only around two hours from my son's house to Adrian, Michigan.  We traveled on some back roads through the country which was also fun and beautiful scenery.   Same with on the way home...we took I23 home but ran into some backups, which we knew we would.  But good old WAZE app had us take a side road and once again we traveled through the country!.  That was fun as well because I haven't been through some of the areas we drove through in years.  Amazing how built up towns become once you leave them!

I know Amber was a bit stressed and overwhelmed with her classes and schedule but she'll do just fine!    She is on the Lacrosse team in addition to her studies (Special Education) so that takes up quite a lot of time during the week.  Three days a week she has 5:45 A.M. practice!   Then 8 a.m. class!  Yikes!  The other practice times are late afternoon.  And soon their Lacrosse season will be starting!!!  More road trips!  HA

All in all it was a wonderful day spent with Darrin and Amber!  I think I did bend my son's ear on the way down!  Just nice to have time to talk and he couldn't get away!! 


  1. And when you need info on restaurants or quilt stores, let me know! I live in Tecumseh and know all the good spots!

  2. What a treat- time to visit with your son, and seeing the campus. It looks like a beautiful and relatively new campus. Nice for Amber to get this short break to decompress a bit.

  3. sounds like a great day to share with son and granddaughter. The campus is beautiful. Love these small colleges.

  4. Beautiful campus ...what a joy to be a part of. I know what you mean being able to "trap" your son or daughter in the car and have them all to yourself for a short while...I'm thinkin' they love it too!


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