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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Busy Weekend!

We had company this past weekend...Ron (Bob's son) and Ron's wife, MaryJo arrived on Friday later in the evening.  They live in Indiana so had quite a trip....Ron was in a Trial Bike run in Metamora on Saturday and Sunday.  I prepped some food on Friday (mainly breakfast items) and stayed home on Saturday while MaryJo and Bob attended the trail to watch Ron.  He ended up taking 2nd place on Saturday!  WooHoo!!!

Riders walking the obstacle course before their turn

While they were gone Saturday, I stayed home to prep food for Saturday and Sunday dinners!  I love to cook and entertain so I was right at home! 

Sunday I did go with them to watch Ron and 70 other riders! run the course!  It is grueling!  You need lots of upper and lower body strength!
Ron going over some obstacles

Hard to see but this kid was only 7 years old!!!

Back to Ron!

Ron and MaryJo

So many different age groups as well as experienced folks and one woman!  There is Beginner, Novice, Advanced and Expert categories and each run a different 'track'.   MaryJo and I stayed at section 3 & 4 while Bob stayed at section 5, which was an uphill track!  I thought it was so interesting and look forward to watching Ron run this course next year again!  This is a short video of don't want to put your foot down at all...amazing to watch them balance on their bikes!

Just a nice weekend  watching Ron and sitting visiting at night and of course eat! 


  1. Navigating those obstacles is quite the challenge! Always interesting to me how many different interests people have- there's more to everything when you get an opportunity to witness it. Like quilters and artists, he probably is always shopping for and trying out the next tool or add-on to improve his competitions. There are stores for that!

  2. What I want to know is what kinds of food did you prep?


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