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Friday, September 21, 2018

Cleanup time

With one project finished, I thought it's a good time to do some cleanup...I love having my beads organized but sometimes I get carried away with projects so beads are flying left and right, right out of their bags!  This past weekend I decided to put the bead tubes away and re-organize them once again! 

I keep my Delica's in a rubber maid container organized in bags by color 

And my seed beads are in two of these large bead bags I purchased several years ago.  

All organized and ready for the next projects!!

I organize my embroidery/Perle cotton threads the same baggies.  Just makes it easier when looking for threads.  They're already organized since I finished my Dye Dog so that's all set for the next project!   Now to get back to my hex's!!!


  1. Oh my, how unruly beads, floss and other supplies can get! I have to do this periodically or I can go no further until a modicum of tidiness is restored.

  2. Oh geez, the beads. Will be EVER use them ALL?? I keep mine in 12 x 12 scrapbook boxes that I get from Micheals. I buy them for project boxes too. It's easy for me to keep my beads organized and put away. Not so much my FABRICS, lol.
    xx, Carol

  3. Beads are so tiny yet take up so much space! I love beads and miss mine as they are still packed away and waiting for their new custom cabinet for Beading and Sewing supplies. Like your “By Colors” organization dear.


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