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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Congrats Amber!!!

Amber and Nick surprised us this past weekend with a visit.  So nice to see the kids and of course talk of Amber's college selection was brought up.  She told us she didn't have to decide until the end of the month.  Well, little did we know!  This happened today!

Amber asked us on Saturday if we would come down for a presentation she was doing for her leadership class.  Well, YES, I'll be there!  Little did we know the kids were surprising everyone with Amber signing her letter of intent with Siena Heights University!

Her new Lacrosse coach from Siena came down to sign Amber!!!  It was so exciting and emotional. So hard to think our girl is growing up and will leave home in the summer!!!  I was quite impressed with her coach, Cindy Hill.  I just know she'll take good care of our girl!!! 

Front row is Amber's High School LaCrosse coach, Siri Mason, Amber, Cindy Hill, Amber's new coach at Siena and Mom and dad!

Very proud mom (Kris)  and dad (Darrin).

I  am so proud of this young lady and her maintaining a high scholastic achievement as well as pursuing her love of Lacrosse!  Which, she is really good at!  Didn't get that from her grandma! 

Amber's Oxford Lacrosse team was also in attendance!


  1. Such uplifting news….wonderful to see how hard work and dedication pay off….congrats. to your entire family

  2. Oh Gee, what a milestone. There are few things that bring such joy to our life as a child, or grand child who is accomplished and a good citizen. Congratulations to her and her parents and to you.
    xx, Carol

  3. Congratulations Amber. Very proud Grandma Robbie...Well deserved. Beautiful girl on an excellent path! <3


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