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Monday, June 27, 2016

Modern Quilt - Part 2!

Saturday and Sunday were cleaning and laundry catch up days but I also accomplished some progress on my modern quilt.   Mainly because Bob was watching the Tigers (lose their game!) so I could hand stitch my hexes.  Interesting that stitching the hexes didn't bother my wrists...embroidery work does but I'm using a hoop, hence, I'm stretching my wrists/fingers...ugh...anyway, I did get all the hexes sewn together.

 Also, just so I'll remember....After I had my hex stripes sewn together, and before I removed the paper backing, I used spray starch and ironed them.  Then I carefully removed the papers and applied more spray starch and ironed again.  This just makes the hexes easier to work with and place on the background.  They aren't as 'flimsy' if you use spray starch.
Next up was playing around with the layout!  This is what I thought I wanted...or close to it!

But while drying dishes Sunday night,  I got another idea and decided I wanted to group or sew the hexes together in blocks.

Only problem, I had already removed the papers from the back of each hex.  I was afraid I wouldn't get a accurate matching of the hex strips when trying to  sew them together to make the blocks.

So this is what I finally came up with for the layout.  The small hexes are 5/8" and the ones in the center right block are 1" hex pieces.

I also sewed together all the scrap pieces I had to make a small insert as well as using them for the binding.

The binding will be a single binding  vs double fold as I only had enough fabric to cut 1 1/2" strips.  Works for me.

Bob is golfing Monday so I hope to get started on sewing the hexes to the background.  I was going to hand applique but think I'll just machine stitch...I'm planning on hanging this in our master bath on the wall behind the whirlpool tub.

We'll see how much I get done this next week as I'll be gone 2 or 3 days.  I still have to finish hand embroidery on another solar fast piece....and my blue squirrel is waiting in the wings too!!   But I guess they aren't going anywhere are they!  Or is that the problem!


  1. Talk about a clever solution!! I’m very impressed…..

  2. It will make a lovely wall hanging in the bath. Thanks for the spray starch tip too!
    xx, Carol

  3. Love the color combination. Spray starch works wonders.

  4. Spray starch all the way! That tip you gave me when I was doing mine sure did help with hexies! Probably the only one I'll ever do with them but I can say I tried it! I really like this piece too.


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