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Sunday, December 6, 2015


Yesterday, I headed down to see Amber play Lacrosse!  Nick was also in a Lacrosse clinic, as he is also learning to play.  This is Amber's 2nd year playing and she does love it.

It's hard to see Amber, but I know where she is in these pictures...and let's face it...this blog is for me!  She's in the middle 'row' in the black shirt.

In this picture, she was doing the face off or whatever they call it to start the game again.  No I didn't learn any of the calls or rules (yet!).

It was my first at watching a Lacrosse game and the 1st time I got to see Amber play.  And play they do!  Wow...30 min. of running...then a 5 min. break and back to another 30 minutes of play!  Talk about exhausting!  This  league is not part of the high school Lacrosse team.  They don't start until March but Amber has been attending clinics in the summer and now in the fall and winter she'll continue to play with this group.  It's great experience for the kids and I'm glad to see her enjoy a sport.
 Let's be honest...her grandma wasn't good at any sport.  Well, raising and showing horses was something I grew up with so that's not a real sport.  I was lucky I could play badminton and not very good at that even!  But I can chew gum and walk...does that count for anything!


  1. You must be so proud….it’s marvelous to see kids, esp. teens (when keeping occupied is so important) participate and enjoy sports! So many positive benefits!!!

  2. I really don't know LaCrosse but how great for Amber to have a sport she likes. Proud Grandma Indeed...


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