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Friday, December 11, 2015


Well, no sewing being  done on this end...well, I did hem a pair of pants today!  Does that count!?  It should as I do NOT like mending of any kind...including hemming my own pants!  Seems like such a waste of time.  I did find the pants I wanted but they were a tad too long,  soooo...I had to 'sew'!  And then I started packing.

 I just never know for sure what I'm going to work on the four months we are gone.  This winter my one project will be creating an art quilt for our Master's exhibit representing the work of George Rodrique/Blue Dog.  So I'm only taking some fabric to dye/blue beads and no threads!  I figure once I decide how I'm creating the piece, I'll just buy threads or beads I need.  I hate having to drag all the supplies with me.  I don't want to spend $$'s on extra supplies either but...guess I could have worse problems, right!  Most of my sewing/art supplies are packed up and waiting to be loaded in the car.  I am taking way  less than normal.

This is all I have packed so far...along with my machine.  I don't think I will be adding much more, if any!

This is what our back seat area of my car usually looks like. The next two pics are from last spring when we left Florida.  I'm hoping for lots of empty space this year!

All of my supplies fit on the floor in the back seat.  The far back is reserved for Bob's golf gear/clubs, our suitcases and of course our printer and coffee maker!  Bob is fussier than I am about his coffee so we take our own coffee maker with us.

This year I'll have to do some additional calculations to fit two dog crates on top of the space saver bags/back seats (bedding/pillows/etc.).  In the past we had Kalee's crate and Gracie sat next to her in a crate.  I'll figure it out but it will take some 'maneuvering'!  HA  I'm up to the challenge!!  I think!


  1. Gosh, I can’t imagine deciding what to bring for your extended winter stay in FL…..and then having to pack it…making sure it will all fit….you go GIRL!!!

  2. the year flew by and you are either coming or going!! You are the Queen of Packing A Car for sure. Merry Christmas!!

  3. The clock is indeed ticking! I'm with you- with all the sewing I do, I have a complete lack of interest in hemming, sewing on buttons (unless they're an embellishment on a project), and the like. And I pretty much only iron fabric. Blue Dog will be an interesting project. For the crates, we purchased a car crate for Abby that is soft-sided and folds down. Maybe one of those would have a little give when you go to load the two. Looking forward to your visit to FAB in January!

  4. Seems like you just returned from Florida and here it is time to go again. You are always very organized and packed to the puzzle perfection. Ahh...the dilemma of buying more supplies. At least thread and beads are small and don't take up lots of room. Safe Travels Dear...

  5. It seems like you were just down there! Time does fly. Hope you have a safe journey and send us lots of sunshine on your blog.


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