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Monday, December 14, 2015

Here we go again! It's "hex" time!'s hex time again!!  Shades of blue hex's are in my head and hand!   I'm thinking of creating my Blue Dog art quilt for our exhibit (based on the art work of George Rodrique) using hex's and applique!  This is one of the Blue Dog pics that I'm using for my inspiration.  Heck, if I can make a 'hex horse' or two, why not a dog!
So while I was doing some online Christmas shopping the last few weeks, I happened upon two web sites that caught my eye.  I don't even know how I found them.  First off was, Busy Fingers Patchwork and of course the hexagons had me at hello!

I started to watch the first video and I was intrigued by Sue (Daley) using a glue pen vs. basting those paper hex's onto the fabric.  Well, who knew!  Not me!  Nor did I ever think about using a glue pen!   Plus, Sue used an acrylic template to cut her hexagons.  I make cardboard hexagons to cut out my shapes but end up making a few of them as they do get wore out.

I proceeded to look at the online catalog on the site to order some supplies...but then I realized their company was in Australia!  I emailed to ask if they shipped to the U.S. and received a reply back quickly that they do.  I decided the shipping charges might add too much to my order so I started to search just for the glue pen and found another web site, Paper Pieces!  And they are located in  Paducah, KY and their products are made in the U.S.!

 Using the old "PayPal" account I ordered some precut 5/8" hex papers, a 5/8" acrylic template and a glue pen!  I received my order yesterday and today I played.  It certainly was nice to not have to cut out all those paper hex's!!  Talk about time saver!

This is the glue pen I bought.  You just use the edge and apply glue on your paper hex shape, making sure you don't have any glue on the edge of the paper.  That was a great tip from Sue D.  When you sew the hex's together, if you have glue on the edge, it could be hard to sew your hex's together.  You don't need much of the glue either...something else Sue mentioned.  "Less is more!"

It's hard to see where I placed the glue...but it's just inside the edge.  I was a little concerned on how the paper would be removed once the hex's were sewn together but I was able to remove the paper easily when the glue dried.  We'll see once I have several hundred sewn together!

 I thought for quite sometime that my hex's were 1"...well, they're not...they are 5/8" and I wanted to keep using that particular size since I have quite a few already basted and ready to use. I actually measured my old paper hex's again before I ordered them...good thing!

I love using this acrylic template!  I just cut several 2" strips of fabric and before I knew it I had lots of hex's ready to glue!  There is one item I would like to find...or make...Sue Daley uses a 'rotating cutting matt'...I can see how that would make cutting the hex's even easier.

Now there's another web site for you hexie lovers!  It's called 'The Hexie Blog' by Julie!   This is one busy Hexie Lady!  She creates a Hex BOM; produces a Hexie Love online/digital magazine (yes, I have purchased!) and other cool things!  One of her newest adventures is a hexie curved ruler and water soluble hex papers!  These items will be coming out in January so I'm excited about those new 'toys' too!
You really should stop by Julie's blog.  It's always fun to see her latest project(s) as well as hear about her life and her work.  You'll get some new ideas and inspiration from seeing Julie's hex quilts/blocks.   And we always need new ideas!


  1. So, it’s my turn to say…..who knew there are so many stitchers concentrating on hexs? Your masterful interpretation of a design using hexies is truly awe inspiring!!

  2. Lots of good info here. Yup, hexies are all over the place but you sure found some unusual places to visit. I'm interested to see how you interpret that blue dog!!
    Merry Christmas

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I love your work! - Julia

  4. Oh my, just when you think it's all be invented, along comes someone with a glue method for hexie designs! Anything to make it simple and easy I say. This will be an interesting project.

  5. I was just in Paducah (where Paper Pieces is located) and visited their shop. One of their employees is a good friend of mine, and I met the owner (she's such a nice girl). They have GREAT projects and a lot of GREAT notions. I bought a lap table while I was there. It is made in the US and is WAY cool. Check it out under "Notions." I also purchased the Thread Cutterz ring--great for use in the car or on a plane. I will be doing a blog post about these items soon. You'll have to check it out.

    Can't wait to see your hexi-dog!

  6. I haven't gotten into making hexes but if I do these tips and resources are wonderful. Thank you Robbie for sharing and always inspiring. Your new Blue Dog project looks very intriguing. I am off to check out these links. Merry Christmas Dear.


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