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Friday, December 4, 2015

The past week.....

Yea, it's been a bit busy around here the past week...and I've been busy making more 3D snowflakes!  I have one or two more to go!  Hopefully, I'll finish those up tomorrow or on Sunday.  These are so addicting!

I'm off to pick up kids from school Friday...missed last week and then on Saturday I'm going to Amber's Lacrosse game!  She and Nick are both involved in Lacrosse but I've not seen her play yet!  

Just wanted to show some pics of the kids visit last week!  I didn't get any family pics of all the family, although, I don't think Nate minded!  HA  We did have such a nice visit with the kids.  Wish we could see them more often but hubby isn't big on traveling…too bad 

Ian is in the red shirt!  He is so tall and really a good looking young man.  He’s a sophomore at Purdue U.  And such a nice kid.  Nate (Kayla’s fiance’) in dark shirt and he’s a great young man as well.   We spent most of our time (unless we were eating!) downstairs in the family room.  The guys always like to play pool..even Nick & Amber do when they visit.

Hard to believe but this was Gigi on Nate's lap!  She did nip at Ian and Ron..ugh...

Mary Jo and Kayla relaxing...along with least I think it's Kalee...hard to tell!!!  We watched a lot of football on Saturday!

Bob in his usual spot along with Ron...

Can't believe time is going by so fast before we head south...I always have mixed feelings about leaving home......but once I get south I'm fine...just the leaving is hard.


  1. Love the snowflakes…..and love that you are able to have so much family time……so important!!!

  2. You are amazing with the Snowflakes. Yes, they are addicting and I spent time cutting squares today. Family time making memories is priceless.

  3. Nice visit with family. Those snowflakes are really terrific. Haven't done any yet, but they're on the list.


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